Plumbing repairs are an investment into the structure of your client’s investment, safety and comfort of their home and the lives of tenants. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional Sunshine Coast plumbing services to be assured of quality, durable workmanship.

Caloundra Plumbing and Gas are the Real Estate Specialist because we are all about customer service, manners, afterhours, and simple the best at what we do plumbing.

Essential things to look for when deciding the best plumbing services to undertake your job include:

  • Looking for a plumber that has many positive references. (Talk to friends and family for recommendations or ask companies to provide you with testimonials).
  • Insisting the plumber come to your home to evaluate what needs to be done rather than diagnosing over the phone.
  • Ensuring that the plumber meets licensing and registration requirements
  • Asking about the quality of materials that will be used.