Gas Hot Water System Installations

If you would prefer to install an electric hot water system, then Caloundra Plumbing & Gas can supply whatever you need, including quality electric water heaters and hot water tanks., we’ll have the perfect solution for you.

Quality you can trust

All of our tanks come with A grade warranties and are available in sizes ranging from 25 litres to 400 litres for domestic installations, with both single and dual element configurations on offer. It should be noted that single elements from 25 – 160 litres can only be run on peak electricity supplies, while dual elements from 160 – 400 litres can be run on ‘off-peak’ electricity supplies.

Our electric hot water systems are all leading brands including Dux, Bosch, Vulcan, Everdure, Rheem, and more.

Gas Emergency Hot Water Repairs

Specialising and building a huge reputation on always answering the phone being the local emergency call out company that deliverer when you need us most and fully stocked service vehicles, Caloundra Plumbing and Gas are your first choice for professional emergency hot water repairs across Sunshine Coast

Our fully qualified hot water plumbers will take your call day or night 365 days a year including Christmas and Easter, and can repair, service and replace all leading brands and models of hot water system for both residential and commercial premises. If you need a new system and suppliers are closed, we can hook you up with an emergency system, ensuring no cold showers or interruptions to your business.

If you have hot water emergency call Bruce manning on 0434 555 111.

Caloundra Plumbing and Gas are Genuine emergency domestic plumbing As per the testimonials we actually answer the phone and act immediately

Genuine emergency Caloundra plumbing and Gas hot water service

We have well-defined processes which ensure that we always arrive within the agreed 2 hour time frame, but if you have a serious hot water emergency we can usually arrive within 1 hour.

Replacement hot water systems

If we find that your hot water system is beyond repair, we can supply a range of replacement Solar, Electric or a Gas hot water unit, our hot water systems are all leading brands including Dux, Bosch, Vulcan, Everdure, Rheem, and more.

We can often do same day system replacement, but if our suppliers are closed we can hook you up with an emergency hot water system and return after suppliers have opened to install your new hot water heater.

Contact Caloundra Plumbing and Gas now for fast professional hot water repairs

Are you considering a solar hot water system?

Caloundra Plumbing and Gas take all of your hot water needs into consideration ultimately finding the right size and correct solar hot water system that is right for you. We explain warranty period, local government solar hot water rebates and ultimate install the perfect system for your needs.

We are always happy to give solar hot water advice on replacements any were on the Sunshine Coast. If you live on the Sunshine Coast and need a plumber to help with a new solar hot water system, or repair, give Caloundra Plumbing and gas call on 0434 555 111.

We don’t just sell you a hot water system; we will sell you a system specific to your needs guaranteed to meet all your expectations and more. Save money, power, and water consumption, while helping the environment, free hot water from the sun!!

We offer no obligation free quotes on all your hot water needs and more:

  • Solar endorsed plumbers
  • Solar hot water units quotes and government rebate information and advice
  • Gas or electric boosted solar hot water system options
  • Repairs to leaking solar hot water systems
  • RET scheme, STC will get you the latest information and advice on how to get your rebate back
  • Our solar hot water systems are also available from leading brands including Apricus Solar hot water, Dux solar hot water systems, Rheem hot water systems.